Planning & Meetings

The study started in January 2016 and finished in July 2018. The table below gives an indicative timeline for the coming events. Please note that this timeline is subject to change and may be updated during the course of the study.

Date Event/plan
January 2016 Study start
February 2016 Launch website
December 2016 Draft Interim Report
16 January 2017 Stakeholder Meeting
February 2017 Draft Final Report
July 2018 Final Report

The Commission is dedicated to giving stakeholders the opportunity to provide input to this study, thereby creating a transparent and open process. This website is the main platform for information exchange between the study-team and the stakeholders.

Discussion notes in preparation of stakeholder meetings will be freely available through this website, however if you register as a stakeholder you will receive notifications on website updates. Those who have registered through this website will be informed of website updates, meetings and availability of (draft) documents. The meeting date, venue and how to be invited to the meeting will be timely announced through this website.

Register as a stakeholder.

Note: Any stakeholder meeting is subject to confirmation of meeting room availability at the European Commission. Please do not make your travel arrangements before receiving the final agenda and the confirmation of your participation.